Long Shot Instrument cluster

I am currently trying to retrofit a different dash and instrument cluster into an older vehicle. both vehicles come with OBDII and send out CAN Bus signals. however the older speedometer has separate plugs running the speedometer and the tachometer. I got an arduino with a can bus shield and the wire to run them from the OBDII port and I am trying to figure out how to program the arduino to accept the speedometer and tachometer, as well as temperature and maybe oil pressure. and then translate, if needed, and send that signal over a CAN Bus signal to the new guage cluster which only seems to have an input for CAN Bus, rather than a separate input for each guage and information point, or PID.

If anyone has any ideas on the matter please let me know. I've hit a dead end. everyone else I have found to have written a program like this sends the data to an LED module.

What signal do those other sensors produce, exactly?

Until you know that, no chance of getting it connected to an Arduino.

well with OBDII aren't the signals all standardized and the main problem is really reverse engineering the signal that the instrument cluster accepts on the CAN H and CAN L lines?