Look over my layout/diagram please.

Hey everyone,

I've been referred to this forum after talking to a couple of people off social media.
I'm new to Arduino and live in a small town which doesn't lend well to someone local helping me out.
I have spent the past couple of days looking around on the forum and searching it as well before registering today.

The project I'm looking at doing is to control a DC Gear Motor (using the Encoder) by pushing a button to turn CW "x" amount of times and then automatically reverse its direction to CCW and return itself to its original starting point and stopping. *completing a "cycle" of forward "x" amount of turns and automatically reversing "x" amount of turns to bring it back to its original starting point before stopping.

Now I know I would probably be better off with using a stepper for this but I'm looking to see how fast I can complete this "cycle" along with testing the accuracy at which it'll hold going from starting point "A" to end point "B" and returning to original starting point "A" at.

If someone would look over my diagram and make sure all looks well, I plan on playing with some coding in the near future to see if I can get the task up and going.

For right now, I will not be using the: 4D Systems Shield, Barrel Jack/Foot Pedal Switch/TMP36s or the 2 fans.

I'll only be using the: Arduino UNO, Cytron MDD10A Motor Driver, Cytron IG42 Motor/Encoder, Big Red Button, and 11.1V 4000mAh LiPo Battery - but keeping the pin layout above if it is good.

Dropbox Link: "Diagram" = Dropbox - Diagram.jpg - Simplify your life

Dropbox Link: "WordDoc Pin Layout" = Dropbox - Arduino UNO r3 Project.jpg - Simplify your life

Trouble posting diagram? See points 8 & 9 here.

Funny, I do have the images on Dropbox and used the #10 method by inserting the URL address.
The photos are showing up on my side in the completed post but I did just now notice that they are not posting when viewing the forum post off my mobile.

Still nothing , no pics or dropbox link.. ??

You can Insert a link by using the Icon or just pasting the link into the text.

Have you seen this tutorial -

Hey Ricky101, I have seen the link you provided for the MDD10A to UNO.
I do have some questions later about sketch for it but I'll save that for a later post and make sure its put into the correct topic space.

I updated and placed direct links to Dropbox. - Should work now.

Yup, all viewable now, though you should be able to put pics up quiet easily ..?

It looks a very ambitious project for a beginner and some very complex parts that the regular gurus will doubtless have experience of and can guide you along.

My only suggestion would be not to attempt to create it all in one go.
Write you code in modules for each function and then bring them all together, by that time it will be much easier as your coding ability will have improved.

Start off with the simpler things like the TMP sensors and fans to get yourself into C++, plenty of code examples on the Ardunio site /forum.
You might find the DS18B20 sensor in a metal probe a more useful device.

good luck

OK, I’ll do it for you:



Problem with adding as an attachment to your post may be because the forum will not accept “jpeg” attachments, only “jpg”. So I just renamed it before attaching it.

In idiomatic English “overlook” means almost the exact opposite of “look over” :slight_smile:


Robin2, changed it just for you.

Really, I wasn't paying attention I don't guess when typing the title. My intent was to have someone else look over my stuff to make sure I didn't overlook anything.

I guess "overlook" was stuck in my head and made it to the title rather than over look. Haha :confused:

My advice/observations:

  • What ricky101 said, both about building circuit & learning bit-by-bit, and about use of ds18b20 temp sensors. Both sensors can connect to same Arduino pin.
  • Is foot pedal just an alternative to the start switch? If so, connect to same Arduino pin
  • Controlling the 12V fans: suggest a stp16nf06l or similar (logic-level gate) mosfet for each, driven by 2 x arduino pwm pins
  • What's that red thing? Looks like a shield with a bite taken out of it. What is its purpose?
  • Draw a proper schematic diagram, using tool like Eagle, Fritzing (schematic view) or similar.
  • Colour LCD displays look great, but they will add a lot of time, effort & expense to the project, and seems like overkill for this application. Stick to something more basic for the first version, such as a 16x2 or 20x4 character lcd, with i2c interface/backpack. Use a pot and a couple of buttons for input.


Yes, it is an ambitious project for sure and I'm aware of that. I'm sweating it a little but I'm sure I'll get it all up and going over time.

As of now, I'm starting with the gear motor and will test a couple of high speed linear actuators later on also, but the rest of the components should run about the same.

I'm willing and want to learn. Please don't expect any of my posts to be the "do it for me" type, thays not what I want. Just as this post, I'm only wanting someone to put a 2nd set of eyes on it and point out any downfalls that I have yet to see due to experience or current lack of knowledge.

Just keep me pointed in the right direction really.


Thanks so much for your constructive reply, it's what I was needing.

  1. I will be tackling this little by little. I will be starting with only driving the motor first and then will add the rest as I go and progress.

I have messed with a little code in the past but it's prob been a little over a year since. I'm not too worried about code but I'm sure I will come across bumps every now and then for sure.

  1. Yes, the foot pedal is an alternative to the button, thanks for bringing that point to my attention. Common sense approach I overlooked. :o haha

  2. I was not fully sure on how to run the fans as of yet and is why they were left open on the drawing. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction with those.

  3. Yes, it is a shield for the LCD. Complete part no. for the 4D Systems set up is SK-24PTU-AR.

  4. I was on my office computer (my day job) when I layed that out, I used what I had at the time on the computer. I will use proper method from now on when I posts on here though.

  5. I have time to put forth, I'm not afraid of effort and the expense for this project is not a top priority. It may look overkill as of now but will be worth it once the project matures.

Again, thanks for your replies.
If y'all or anyone else has more to add, feel free to keep the comments coming.