Look-up Table for 3M Capacitive Touch Screen

So... I've got this 3M capacitive touch screen with its controller, the controller gives you 5 byte, the first byte is the status, always the same, then 2 bytes for the position in X and the other 2 for the position in Y. I want to use the touch screen with a led 14x14 matrix, it is not the same size, so i decided to use the rest of the touch screen for some kind of 9 buttons to control the matrix. I'm new to programming with the Arduino, the only idea i have to control is using a look-up table, but i dunno how to do it in the Arduino language.

I suggest you break your project down into parts and get each going separately.

You could get the touch screen working by sending the x and y values to the serial port. If you wanted to simulate buttons on the touch screen, you could also verify this logic by printing the button states. Getting that going may help you explore what functionality you want the touch screen to have. When you are clear on what you want to happen when you touch any area on the screen it will be easier to think about how to do it.

I see in another thread that you have already had the suggestion to break down the implementation of a 14x14 matrix into small steps. That's good advice.

Good luck!