Looking for 3-axes roll control module

Hello, humans

I am looking to design and build a wire-controlled, ESP32-powered underwater camera drone. I’m not decided on the exact form of depth control (using ballast tanks or just using the motors) yet, but in any case I want it to be able to rotate 360° on every axis.

Since I don’t want to risk water influx, I thought using flywheels would be an elegant solution. This decision poses the first set of (side-)questions:

  • Do you think that would even work considering the density of water?
  • How much delta-W do you think would be necessary to guarantee maneuverability (it’s fine if I have to take left rather than right turns sometimes to decrease RPM, but not being able to complete a single rotation would not be that useful)
    Now, the main point of this question:

Provided you think the concept could even work, do you know of a ‘gyro-module’ (so a - preferrably 3-axes - integrated flywheel-module that can just be plugged into either a uC or an external motorcontroller?

I am asking this since experience has proven that trying to do absolutely everything yourself will end in disaster, and I’d rather put the effort into optimizing the robot itself instead of bothering with designing flywheels.

Thanks in advance for your - surely numerous - answers!


This could be a possibility.

gy-521 imu 3-axis accelerometer/gyro module (mpu6050)

confirm you want to use flywheels that are exposed to water while turning? like actual wheels to get a 3D Gyroscope? reason i am asking: to get a good precession in space (stabilizing effect) you need to have a relatively high weight in the wheel (not the struts to hold it) and turn it relatively fast. as a comparison: the Gyros in an artifical horizon used in an aircraft cockpit spin at 30.000 RPM. to reach that in water sounds rather difficult.

if you contain those gyros in a watertight housing, different story. that would also explain how to get one of those: ebay, check for old "ADI"s. but i dont know how you can hook them up properly. and you wont be able to read anything from those. that would just provide you with the stabilized platform around which everything else is turning.

if you just want a gyroscope take the mpu6050 module as mentioned by apylypenko. to avoid the "spurious" readings based on "static noise" search this forum, somewhere in here a nice library was posted. its only compatible with one MPU6050 so far, so you can not get Delta readings from 2 MPUs with the same arduino.

the MPU costs around 2€ from china i think. (def. cheaper than using an ADI ;) and not as demanding on your power supply)

it provides 3 axis acceleration, 3 axis position info, and more stuff i forgot.

hope that helps.