looking for 5-10 USB ports on a single card with LED lights to show status

I believe I have seen this in the past. An Arduino board that has like 10 USB ports on it. A separate power supply to give it 500ma per port. But the most important thing is that is has several LED lights on each USB port to show current status.....like powered on, connected to slave.....data sending.....data receiving.....error condition.

Anyone seen this type of card? I have seen units with 4 downstream USB but only one LED per channel. That is not enough for what I need to do. Much thanks. tjcooper

I think you had smoked too much of the funny baccy.

There may well be boards like you say, but not Arduino boards.

If Google can't find it then it probably does not exist.


Something like this ?


Not all chipsets provide led indication though even then they only show connection/dis status.

I do not know of one which provides the functionality you are looking for

I have built a six port one , where the information was available by a separate spi pin i think.

A separate mpu would be required to decode status and drive the indicators although i have not implemented that.

Never seen anything that big for arduino, plenty for PC though.