Looking for 7" led digits

I have a project where I need to display a 5 digit number on a remote large LED display. I found this: http://www.sureelectronics.net/goods.php?id=721
It is perfect for what I need. I can simply send it a clock and data signal.
Problem is they ONLY take paypal and paypal sucks. Paypal is jerking me around. Any one know another vendor with score board type large LED digits that takes payments like ANY other vendor?

Sparkfun do something similar, only 6" I think if that's big enough.

EDIT: Here it is

It says 6.5" in one place and 153mm in another??


Or make your own - layout LEDs in series, say 5 in a column driven from 12V and a 7406 (open collector output good for 30V), or 2 columns of 5, per digit.
Write out to a shift register to turn the segments on. (clock & data signal).

tpic6b595 open drain shift register, this combines both features. Go to 24V put 10 LEDs in series per segment.

Can make as tall as you want!

I also saw that vellemanusa.com has a big digits, not sure how tall. Look in their kits section.

Geesh, count up the parts - must be $25 just in material for one of those!

This is for a large project where I could require several hundred of them. Building them ground up does not sound like fun. I could make the sparkfun one work if needed.

Are these too big?

Or maybe you could have them order the 8" digits for you.

I'd entertain proposing building 200 of these for you, but then the thought of soldering 14,000 LEDs comes to mind. Or even buying 14,000 LEDs.

Dang! These guys have 14,000+ of them!
$2,520. http://www.mpja.com/prodinfo.asp?number=15133+OP
$240 for 200 tpic6b595 chips (Mouser, $1.20)
$88 for 150 ohm resistors (you can source 24V for these? 12V? what?) (Mouser)
$1812 for 3.5" x ~7.8" PCBs
$xx for 200 connectors (what'd you have in mind?)
Total: $4,660 + labor to assemble/test & ship out.

$23.20 & counting for 200. $21 for assembled/tested boards with control CCAs sounds like a deal.
Too bad they only have 32 of them.

How far is the thing that sends the number to display going to be from the digits?

You're actually after 1,000? 5 digits x 200 displays?
I bet you could find a contract manufacturer to make them for you.
If only I had access to a pick & place & wave solder machine.

When do you need them by?

This project is for a business with a bunch of locations. Looks like I could need a couple dozen displays so thats around a hundred large digits.

I am not sure on the distance needed. could be 50 to 100 ft. I was going to try it with the included receiver in the kit I mention in my first post. Maybe try some RS485 chips I have. Given the info I could always slow down the data rate. From the time the info is known and typed in to the time it is displayed can be a couple seconds.