Looking for a Arduino expert to make a step sequencer

i am looking for a place like a website or a forum or clubs anywere
to recruit someone to help me make a very cool step sequencer,
it is not a very difficult, but I need some help and have a little budget to pay
this person,
thank you for any help

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Is this a top secret project or are you willing to share some details?

hi i wish it was so amazingly new it was top secret but here it is

Creating a simple step sequencer that sends notes and keyboard letters

I am looking for some help! and have a little budget
I need it to be nice and stable and preferably with the cheapest arduino that can handle this simple task

I am looking for semeone who can help me create a step sequencer.

here is a description of the initial project,
I am adding some functionalities so it will evolve a llittle from this but basically
it will have 9 pads 1 switch for selecting items and 16 pads for note/key selection on the sequencer pad
1 usb output

the sequencer will be of a size a little bit smaller then a computer keyboard
with a row of trigger pads like on the tr808 drum machine, 16 pads,
above these pads will be a row of 8 buttons to assign sounds.
A tempo adjustment knob a usb out plug one led to show tempo

The sequencer might have midi implemented but the first and main system
is with computer keyboard keys, with numbers, so basically i would like to be able
to choose a number like 1, assign it to steps the 16 pads, then choose the number 2 and assign also, etc…
so it will be sending through a usb cable a rythm pattern with numbers (following a choosen tempo)
like: 1…2…1…2…,
so I can send this pattern to different apps like an online synthesizer.
numbers can be choosed and all the letters on the keyboard as well.

So as you can see it is not a very complicated project but it does involve some knowledge
with programming.
I would like to see your previous projects and
get this project on the road.
thank you

ok i have an update on my project
i am sorry that my explanation doesn't look precise,
and of course i would need to chat a little with the person who could help me with
I thought I was going to do this project one a 1 month - 3 month time frame but it just changed
so now I will be looking to get it finalized in 1 week,

so here is a different way to ask you help and much more precise,

can someone take this code

add the function of sending keyboard key letters and number signals (qwertyu... 1234567890)
to a computer by a usb cable.

if you can do this please reply or send a message.

and if you could also add some customisation about how thosse letters and numbers should
be implemented in the code, that's even better,

if you can do this please reply or send a message.
tell me your price for completing the code
(I can help in many ways during the project like testing the code on my arduino)

if you know someone around you who is interested that would help too!

thanks in advance for all your help

More details:
can someone take this code

add the function of sending keyboard key letters and number signals (qwertyu… 1234567890) to a computer by a usb cable.
The project included in the link named aciduino sends midi note messages through a midi out cable.
The midi note signals are being sent one after an another following a tempo, because
The aciduino project is a step sequencer, where you can choose notes to be played.
So this code needs to be duplicated and the information of midi notes replaced by letters and numbers.

Easy to test: in a text editor letters and/or numbers should appear one after the other
On the page like this: wcwcwcwbbbwwwwcwcwcwc262626…,
Like if someone was typing.

Cheapest compatible arduino, or the one you have