Looking for a Arduino partner LOW BUDGET FILMAKERS

Could any one out there afford to spend some time to help me get a few(I'm sure they're fairly simple) Aduino projects up and running??

I can afford to pay a small fee to someone for the help on this project but not much... I am just getting into film making so money is tight.

Our application is for a film that we've been planning and as in most low budget guerrilla run and gun situations most of our budget must go on explosions, props, food, etc. So I have to try and wing as much of it as possible lol

Now but seriously,

I have some examples of what others have done before but for what I require the problem is about putting them together, I 'm no expert but I understand how code works.

MY project-

We need a remote rotary control stepper robot. Our project consists of more than just this but after the brains and codeing is done it's up for us to add the next elements like clogs and pullys.

We basically need a unit with 2 stepper motors which are controlled precisiley by the same RC controller, we only need the stepper motors to move in back and fourth direction via a ROTARY CONTROL unit. We need it to work fast and at a "snail pace" slow but this will depend on the stepper I imagine.

Whats most important here is that both steppers move insync as they will control two different cogs which in turn will contol something else that needs to be in sync!!!

And that's it-

The next project is similar, It has already been done by someone but again, I would still require some help with getting built and ready for our application

This is just to give an idea of what we're about and how we could use your help, as you probably know now the projects aren't super hard.
Please get in touch if you would like a small fee and a credit on a film;)