Looking for a certain chopper drive for stepper

Hi everyone,

I'm planning on using two size 17 double stacked linear stepper motors for a project I have. I'd like to control them with arduino and a chopper driver(s). However, the specs on the motors are as follows. All specs are per motor:

Bipolar wiring 2.33V 2.6amp / phase (RMS I'm assuming) power consumption 14W

-> My power supply for the driver/motor (not arduino) will be: -> 12V to 24V voltage converter (DC... this is going to be going on a vehicle) -> 200W -> 8amp

Therefore, what I need is a chopper drive(s) for my motors that will:

-> Accept 24V input to drive the 2.33V motor at 24V -> I'm assuming it needs to supply 2.6amp continuous then? Or if I run the 2.33V motor at 24V, will the amp draw be less, even when motor is static? -> Compatible with arduino -> Possibly some sort of built in voltage/current regulator or something in case my power supply isn't great.. not sure how that works.

Does anybody have any suggestions, please?

Thank you!

Just an additional note,

I'm not trying to get somebody to just "do it for me."

I have been searching, but the main problem is finding a driver that is capable of delivering more than 2amp continuous (if thats what I need. If the amp draw goes down (even during static mode) by me using a 24V supply on the 2.33V motor, then I guess I can get away with the 2amp continous driver)

Thank you

That sort of spec usually involves designs with external FETs. These people sell such things:- http://www.diycnc.co.uk/index.html

Thanks for the link, do you think I could get away with the 2.5amp driver for the 2.6 amp motor?

And does anybody else know whether or not the amp rating on the motor drops when I'm using a 24V driver? I can't seem to find that info on the net.

Thank you