looking for a circuit simulator

Im looking for a safe to download circuit simulator, to test and see if there is anything wrong with my circuit designs for projects. Thanks

also, will they have micro controllers for use in the simulators? I have the arduino uno r3. Or at least can you design a micro controller to use in the simulator? thanks

What level of simulation are you looking for, and how much are you willing to spend?

For example, there is this:


It costs about $500.00 for a license. It will likely do everything you need, though. Probably has a fairly steep learning curve (it is a SPICE simulator).

I don't know anything about its quality or accuracy; I don't own it, and I've never used it.

Software like LTSpice can help you when it comes to analog designs (and it's free), but you won't get any microcontroller simulation with it.

Regardless of what you use, no simulation will be 100 percent accurate, nor will a simulation that runs perfectly necessarily work the same with real-world parts...

Circuit Wizard is pretty good. No Micros though, but alot of other ICs.


hi i use icircuit which i get for my ipad, but i think it is also available for windows,mac

the itunes link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/icircuit/id383359044?mt=8 the PC,Mac link http://icircuitapp.com/

the pc version is only 5 dollars and the ipad/iphone is 10. very interactive app!