Looking for a custom board

I have a very specific project in mind. In this project I want to replace the control system in an existing device. For this to work my control system will need to control: 1) 5 - 12v DC motors simple on/off, forward/reverse (no speed control is required) 2) 1 - 12v DC Stepper motor (5 wire) 3) 1 - 12v solenoid 4) 1 - 20X2 LCD display

In addition to controlling those device I will also need to monitor: 1) 10 -15 Photo switches (I think that is what they are called) 2) 5 - momentary push buttons

Finally I need the controller to repond to commands from a host PC to which it is connected via USB.

I had previously posted a question asking about the number of digital I/O pins such a project would require and got good answers. Since then I have been trying to read and understand what I would have to learn to complete this project. What I discovered is that I will likely not be able to do this project myself.

I am a software engineer by training and know little to nothing about electronics. Further I find, from reading about these things, that I have no interest in learning it. But I really want to complete this project.

So my question is this, is there some place where someone in my position can go to get a custom board built with all the necessary circuitry? Ideally what I would like to do is describe my needs to some capable person, and hire them to design and build a custom board which would contain the controller and all required circuitry to accomplish my needs. This custom board, preferably, would not be an existing Arduino board with shield(s) but a single board containing all required circuitry. Then I could take this board mount it in my device write the required software and be done.

Can anybody suggest how I might find such a person who would do such a task reasonably.

Thanks, Steve



Any thoughts as to what such a project might cost me?

Thanks, Steve

I have sent you a personal message that might be of some help.