Looking for a DC motor driver

Hey folks,

I’m looking for a DC motor driver. What is the best practise with those motor drivers? Is there any driver that supports speed control or is speed control only achievable with a potentiometer? Are there any expamples that show how to control the speed of the stepper motor?


Okay, I learned, that I can use a PWN enabled pin to control the speed of my motor. So this question is answered, but I still need a driver.

I have this motor: DGO-3512ADA (Datasheet) ... any recommendations?

That's not a datasheet, that's a drawing with the dimensions on.

You need to measure the winding resistance to determine the stall torque. What
power supply are you intending to use?

[edit: oh, page 4 has some details - 2.2A stall torque, so you want a driver that
can handle that briefly (or twice that if reversing abruptly) - 0.2A nominal current isn't an issue
for most drivers, 2.2A will mean you might get away with L298. Depends on your budget.

Have you considered using a MOSFET? The popular FQP30N06L has a absolute max rating of 30A and 60V (no doubt for that kind of load you need a good heatsink).

Or you can put them in parallel to raise the maximum current. (They will balance the load fairly well). If you buy from eBay in a lot of 10 it costs about $0.55 each. (Long shipping times though)

I’m going to use this part for an electric scooter that is missing the speed control. I’ll use the brains of a LED dimmer. Don’t forget the flyback diode though!