Looking for a freelance project builder

I'm looking for an experienced custom project builder. It doesn't necessarily have to use an Arduino... but, it may be useful. I need to create the effect of green fireflies inside of a mason jar. However, there are certain parameters I need the project to stay within:

  1. All components must be battery operated.
  2. Be as light weight as possible.
  3. Small enough to fit inside a standard mason jar, yet hide/disguise the Arduino/Battery/Etc. if possible.
  4. The LED "Fireflies" need to be realistic when they "twinkle". No all on/off, flashing, strobing, etc.

Is anyone up for the challenge to create this effect?

Are you looking for a bid?

I'm there are lots people around here capable of this sort of project.

I'm positive I could make a good firefly LED animation.

Here's a playlist showing some of my LED projects.

This is something that would need some experimenting to create a realistic effect, not something that you could simply specify and have done correctly. I envisage a series of email exchanges between you and your developer:

“No! They need to twinkle!”
“I put heaps of twinkle in there!”
“They are not twinkling, they are pulsing! They have to twinkle!”

At a guess, twinkling is each firefly glowing with a fast ramp-up and a slower fade out at its own individual frequency. Maybe putting a capacitor and a resistor across each group of LEDs would do the trick, with a diode feeding each one to stop the power bleeding back. That way, you can use digital outs instead of analog outs and so have more groups of fireflies. space out the firefles in each group so it’s not obvious what’s going on.

This looks pretty twinkly to me. Watch any LED, and you can see the rate at which it twinkles slowly varies over 30 seconds.

See attachment.

twinkle.ino (1.17 KB)

"to create a realistic effect" Little OT, just asking .

Real fireflies also move around. I am curious how that can be implemented , both in hardware and software. Perhaps flexible LCD ??

I suppose this thing will be made commercially in .... Ha Ha

Firefly in a jar