looking for a frequency generator with an accuracy of 0.01 hertz

Good day .
I’m a beginner here.
Question - does anyone know the project - a frequency generator rectangular impulses
with an adjustment of 0.01 hertz, and an indicator for 16x2 I2C?
I used this project, now I need to change the display to 16x2 I2C and the adjustment is a multiple of 0.01 hertz

Thank you in advance for your answers! Respectfully!

chfeng.ino (16 KB)

Over what range of frequencies?


I am not exactly sure what you are asking but try this link: https://www.sainsmart.com/products/0-50khz-dds-function-signal-generator-module-custom-arbitrary-waveform it should do what you want. Good Luck & Have Fun! Gil

Thank you very much, this is what I need, but I need to make from the available elements ... Arduino LСD

but I need to make from the available elements

Sounds like a school assignment then?

What elements are available? Is the Arduino another Arduino not the one you want to do the measurements on?

You will not get that sort of absolute accuracy you need from an Arduino crystal. But I suspect you don’t mean what the thread’s title says.

I agree it sounds like a school assignment. But I’m no longer a schoolboy. Measurements will be carried out by an oscilloscope. but accuracy is not too important. the main thing is to be able to adjust with an indication of 0.01 hertz. there are 2 arduino, several LСD.
With respect!

Ok so you don’t mean accuracy you mean resolution. Even so :-

At 50KHz, that is 50000 HZ and the resolution you need is 0.01 HZ, so you need to control one part in 5,000,000, but you can double that because you have to set the output high and low for a cycle of output.

So for a processor running at 16MHz you need to be changing the output every 1.6 clock cycles. So can you see you can’t do this?

: Смайлик-запутывать: : Смайлик-запутывать: : о I was mistaken, accuracy of 0.01 is needed up to 100 hertz ..

Consider putting the counting in external chips, consider the SN74LV8154 or other parts you may have available. http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/sn74lv8154.pdf. Also consider what time base you want to use, it does not have to be one second. With external counters it can be whatever you want. If you are in a hurry you can phase lock the signal and multiply it up before counting but careful the accuracy may kill you. For more information and a design look here: https://www.nutsvolts.com/magazine/article/august2014_reedhttps://www.nutsvolts.com/magazine/article/august2014_reed Good Luck & Have Fun! Gil