Looking for a good 4 button / 2004 Screen Emulator

Hi All,

I am pretty new to Arduino and ave been scanning the internet for an emulator that will give me a 20x4 screen (or similar) and four buttons for user input.

I have found one that is quite glitchy and I wonder if anyone out there has found/made a reliable one.

Much Appreciated


If you provide a link to the one you have found it will help to understand what you are talking about.


This is the one I am using and it works OK but crashes pretty often:



I know you have done what I asked but I still have no idea what you are trying to achieve. I had assumed there would be some pictures.


member liudr makes a nice LCD/button board

PM him to ask about purchase if you can't figure something out from his website.

Thanks All,

I am trying to monitor and interact with my Arduino with an emulator of a 2004 lcd and four buttons for input. Perhaps my newness to Arduino is making me ingnorant to a coherent way to ask for help. I think this is probably the case.

The arduino is an UNO R3 with 4 SSRs and 2 temperature sensors to be used to control a beer-making setup using some electric elements and pumps.

I would like to be able to see the status of the SSRs (on of off) as well as the temperature readings on the screen and use each of the 4 buttons on the emulator to change the SSR's from on to off (or vice versa).

I have a 2004 LCD and 4 buttons connected for local access and input, however, my goal is to use the emulator but remotely logging into the "system" to control the brewing process from my phone, tablet, or PC.

I hope this clarifies a bit better.

Thanks very much


Your use of the word "emulator" makes no sense.

Emulator = is hardware or software that enables one computer system (called the host) to behave like another computer system (called the guest)

If you have a LCD and 4 buttons then you have a LCD and 4 buttons.

however, my goal is to use the emulator but remotely logging into the "system" to control the brewing process from my phone, tablet, or PC.

If you mean that you want to be able to display data on a GUI on a PC that has buttons you can click then that is perfectly doable. Personally I would build a simple web server with Python Bottle and build the GUI using HTML stuff. I would use the concepts in this Python - Arduino demo to communicate with the Arduino.

You could also write a "proper" GUI program - perhaps like this Python GUI demo

Another option (also using a browser) is my EzScrn demo

And, of course, you do much the same thing with any PC programming language.


Thanks folks,

I will try some things and hopefully build my GUI this weekend!