Looking for a good wireless communication tutorial


I am continuing with trying to learn various programming skills, and now I want to get into wireless communication.

What I basically want to do is flip a switch on one Arduino, and have it send a message to another arduino to turn on an LED. I've looked online and found some things using XBEE, but I don't know if you guys would recommend anything else. Also, the instructions I've seen are kind of vague, I'd like to find something in depth.

I know this is a simple thing but I will continue to look for tutorials until someone answers. Thanks for your help!

Questions like over what distance and under what conditions come to mind.

Nothing far. Like 3 feet. And under normal conditions like in a room.

Try using 2 Jeenodes. Like an Arduino with a radio built into it and easy to use. http://moderndevice.com/product/jeenode-v6-kit/

Hell, why not just use those cheapo RF units, like the 433/315 mhz ones that you use with virtualwire/radiohead/whatever people are using now (I use my own code that I wrote myself, but I know it's not as good as RH/VW)

I assume that the “better” RF modules include networking capabilities (protocol) for multiple senders, which must be synchronized somehow. For simple point-to-point applications it’s sufficient to use e.g. the Serial library, with dumb transmitters and receivers turning the otherwise wired connection into a RF connection.