Looking for a hand with a sketch

I am a model builder and I am looking for a sketch similar to this http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234940329-lighting-your-star-trek-federation-models-how-to-programming/

But for the NANO with a wiring diagram for switches etc This will be for the uss enterprise lighting all aspects of the model

Any help would be appreciated willing to pay a small ammount Im not rich though

Thanks in advance Rick Hanlon

I like using adafruit neopixels.


You only need three wires, so no need to run a loom of wires through your model. And you can drive as many as you like off one pin, so no need for a mega if you want some sort of complex arrangement.

They have them in this sort of square/flat package, or you can get 5mm and 8mm LED form-factor if you want that sort of look.

With that sorted, the programming becomes down to what you want the lights to actually do. Flashing? Fading? Randomly flickering?

Easiest way to drive them is with some buttons and pots lugged into inputs on the board.

Next easiest way - but far, far more flexible - is to talk to them with a web browser over wifi. Provided your html fits into progmem (it can be stored zipped using HTTP Transfer-Encoding), you can present a web interface as complex as you like. If you host the static parts on the web somewhere, the sky is pretty much the limit. I like Angular and JSON, but just using HTML forms and HTTP GETs with parameters is every bit as feasible.

Thanks Paul but to be honest code...is something I can't even begin to get a grasp of..I can hook up the nanotechnology to my computer and send it the sketch and test it out on a bread board. I get all that I have all the less needed and wiring as well as resistors I can go get switches etc etc but I need help with the actual nano compatible code and wiring schematic for the sketch and help from. Any one would be greatly appreciated and I could even try and donate a fair amount.

The effects I'm looking for are in the aforementioned post. I'm looking for a sketch so I can do this. Go to 7:15 it's a little bit a a watch as he demonstrates the lighting...he does amazing model work BTW


Thanks in advance to any one who can help me out

Pm me or email me tempalla@hotmail.com

Thabks for looking Rick

Pauls right though, that tells the programmers (people like Paul and I) what the hardware is. NeoPixles (brand name) part name WS2812 are very cheap, bright, super easy to use, simple wiring, truly the sky is the limit. i also agree with paul on the web interface or even better if your not trying to go IoT, is bluetooth. you can pic up the hardware for less than three dollars per unit and if you want BLE add 2 more dollars per module. you can change the program anywhere withing 15 square feet of the model, if you do it right you could even upload whole new sketches to the nano. but until you establis what the hardware is its hard to program for it. not to mention some of us have some hardware others have other hardware some have all the hardware lol... just really comes down to the hardest part of any project which is establishing what you do and dont want. you can put anything you want into it, but where is the stop line in the sand.