Looking for a high quality 3D ToF LiDAR sensor


for a project I am looking for a 3D ToF LiDar sensor, but couldn’t find any online which match my requirements.
It should have at least a 4x4 point grid and an FOV of at least 40deg, and a sensor that is able to measure from around 2m to 50m of distance and an accuracy in the single digit cm range.

Does a LiDAR like this even exist?

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Hi, this could be a match for your requirements


I've looked at Terabee, but unfortunately they do not have anything for long range applications of 50m+, I reformulated the question to make it clearer.

Does a LiDAR like this even exist?

Hard to imagine. Range mostly depends on the optical elements, which have to be pretty good to get 50 m range with a single point.

Scanning works.