Looking for a Language reference document

I’ve investigated the Arduino page and only got the HTML based manual. But I would like to have a printable language reference manual.

Does anybody knows if there is something available?


Hi msesma,

There is a nice little notebook here http://www.freeduino.org/files/arduino_notebook_v1-1.pdf that covers arduino specific syntax and some of the most used constructs of the C language. The arduino platform supports a rich subset of C and C++, so when you want to get beyond the basics, a good book on C or C++ should help.

But if you want all the gory details on what the arduino compiler can do, you could always delve into the compiler reference manuals:

Thanks a lot;)

I'm a experienced C and C++ programmer and only wanted the "little notebook" to know the specific functions available.

I've experience also with PIC asm programming, and I don't think i'll gona have problems with this.

This night I'll start my first arduino project with an Arduino Nano and a breadboard I've just received, two servos converted to motors, an LCD I've extracted from a printer (for sending debuging strings), and two LDRs to make a Light following robot. It seems extremely easy... I think I'll love Arduino ;)

Thanks again!

Sounds like your off to a good start with that first arduino project.

Have fun!