Looking for a latching relay driver (single control line)

I found a driver chip, MAX5054 but it seems obsolete now and can't find a source of it.

I need to use a latching relay to save 30mA of current, from powering (3) relays. I just need to flip the states of these relays and it's a waste of 30mA to keep these relays energized.

Anyone know of a MAX5054 replacement? or some other single-coil latching relay driver that accepts a single control input?

http://m.eet.com/media/1132010/14761-figure_1c.pdf Check out the input signal and the coil pulses.


Can you use a common H bridge? These can be turned on in either direction, should handle the current and are cheap and available.


My microprocessor isn't controlling the relays directly.

Instead, another chip is the one that sends the logic high/low which in turn control the relays on/off via a transistor driver. In effect, I only have one data line for each relay.

The microprocessor just talks to this other chip via SPI to send commands.


Golden nugget of information on page 43 http://www.omron.com/ecb/products/pdf/precautions_pcb.pdf

Will try to test it, and see if it actually works. Should be... coming from Omron.

RS components sell them