Looking for a manual or description of a 30 Amp motor driver shield SKU 418842


Looking for a manual or anything for the 30 Amp motor driver shield SKU 418842.

Here is how it looks..

I know it's a product from China but it supposed to come with a manual!

If someone knows more about it I would appreciate your comment.


on the DX website for this part

under specifications, might be a good place to start.

English Manual / Spec
Download Link

Ask the supplier. If they don't have it, move on.

By the way, they claim 30A - but there's no heatsink - and I have my doubts about those screw terminals (those that they couldn't even bother to put up straight!) can handle anything near that current.

If you really intend to use it for a 20-30A current don't fool around. You're not going to get one that really can handle that for longer than a few ms for a mere USD 8.75. This is not toy territory any more. Get proper parts.


I agree with you about the current.. ha.ha I only need max 4 Amps. I tried that link above and it gets me in a big chinese mess. I guess I need to learn chinese first.

Thank you anyway.


There is a zip file in engrush you can download