Looking for a motor controller

I am looking for a motor controller preferably a motor shield for use with FIT0492-B motor. I have four of these motors that i need to be able to control at the same time and i am struggling to find a motor controller with a good amp supply for a reasonable price.

Motor Details
Rated voltage: 12 V
Gear reduction ratio: 50:1
D output shaft diameter: 6 mm
No-load speed: 100 RPM @ 12 v
No-load current: 0.17 A
Rated speed: 93 RPM @ 12 v
Current rating: 0.68 A
Rated torque: 7 kg.cm
Stall torque: 42 kg.cm
Stall current: 2.19 A
Power: 5W
Weight: 210 g

The Pololu website lists several motor controllers. Other suppliers probably have similar products.

If you are content to use a bare chip I have been using Infineon TLE5206 devices. They can handle up to 5 amps and have short circuit protection. and fault detection.


Hi i have looked at what you recommended with chips and they seem a lot cheaper then going for a shield which is a big advantage for me.

I would just like to know if you know of any tutorials out there to teach me how to use these chips and connect them to an arduino.

Or do you could give me an example arduino to chip to motor connection.

How would you do the code for this because with all the shields ive used before they have libraries for motor control


The datasheet for the TLE 5206 includes a connection diagram. You don't need to connect the EF pin if you don't wish to use it

Connect the IN1 and IN2 pins to two Arduino PWM pins. This is the sort of code I use to control the motor

if (motorDirection == 'F') {
	analogWrite(revPin, 0);
	analogWrite(fwdPin, pwmVal);
else {
	analogWrite(fwdPin, 0);
	analogWrite(revPin, pwmVal);