Looking for a nice Rotary encoder Knob.

hi, im looking for a nice knob to use with a rotary encoder so it must be unmarked, just wondering if anybody has come across any nice knobs that are suitable for encoders my one is 6mm shaft, im in the uk and have looked at all the usual places rs, rapid, farnell, ect ect. thanks

Is the shaft splined? If so this ought to fit (and is designed for rotary encoders with built-in illumination too) http://proto-pic.co.uk/clear-plastic-knob/

The shaft is a 6mm D shaft (I know, I have the same encoders as Jon ;) )

sorry here is a pic of the encoder / shaft,

ive found these knobs, they are actually guitar knobs, which look ok’ish,


electric-guitar-dome-knobs-med - Copy.jpg