Looking for a programmer $$$

Hi guys ! First I don't know if i'm in the good forum. If not just tell me or transfert my request to the good one!

I'm looking for somebody that can write a couple of code for me.

It's a pretty straight code (I think)

In resume, I need 2-3 code that gona control a stepper (or servo) motor with a voltage chart. Exemple I need to have the motor at 52degree if the voltage is X...motor at 60degree if voltage is Y...etc.

Ill provide the chart of course.

You can reash me at jeanDOTchristopheDOTmeilleurATgmailDOTcommmmm

Thanks guys! JC

Do you have some form of encoder on the motors to give you a position feedback. relying on the step of the motor is not going to work. If the step stalls then you may think that you have arrived at the location but will not have. Also you have to have some "home" position to start the stepping from. If you dont have this and make an assumption about the location of the stepper then it will be wrong if the motor has been moved by an external influence like turning it by hand.

I can do this for you .. how much are you offering.

Cheers Pete.