Looking for a programmer

Hi all,
I’m Looking to pay a programmer to help with a project I’ve been having trouble with.
I am currently working on a project where I have to track the 3d movement of objects using two LSM303DLHC accelerometers that are run on separate Arduino Nanos. I need to transmit the 3d coordinate data from one of the nanos to the other via Bluetooth in a sort of master and slave system while the second nano both collects its own data from its accelerometer and receives data from the other. The nano that receives the data would need to just print to the serial monitor for now. I’ve been able to run the accelerometers but I’m sort of out of my depth with what I want to accomplish. I don’t need to use the accelerometers if there are better options, these are just what I had around. The parts I had planned on using are below. The Bluetooth transmitters are what I had planned on using to transmit the data from one nano to the other.

Accelerometer -

HC05 Bluetooth module-

I can provide the current code that I have if it would help as well as further detail if this post isnt clearthe code I currently have just runs the accelerometer and prints it to the serial monitor. I also have diagrams of how I had planned to wire up the system if needed.

What's the budget?

If the second nano (the one that receives & prints both streams on serial) talks to a higher level "host" (like laptop/raspberry) then you can just connect both to the host via bluetooth.

A couple reasons

  • get rid of the serial tether since you use only bluetooth
  • simplified symmetry - both nanos run the same, simpler, transmitting code, which is basically printing to serial as they already do.

Host code to read data from two bluetooth serial streams isn't much complicated than reading from one