Looking for a sensors for food computer which can survive big humidity


I'm building a food computer and I'm looking for a stable way to sense humidity in food computers.

Previously, I've been trying DHT22, Si7021, but they are pretty glitchy with RH > 90%, and sometimes not working at all. After putting them back to the normal condition they seem to work but provide totally incorrect data.

HS1101 sensor does a better job and can survive with big humidity but during RH>90% it's giving incorrect metrics data after a few weeks of working. Each day his errors growing for about ~0.05% => in 30 days we have 1.5% infelicity which is crucial. Having so big humidity error can burn or overflood crop in the container.

So, can anyone recommend sensors to sense big humidity?

Thanks, everyone

I have found the BME280 to be reliable all the way from 1% to 99%

I know these sensors are used by bread bakeries.