Looking for a solution to simulate a steering wheel with an Arduino uno

Hello, Good evening. I have a project to transform an Arduino uno into a steering wheel for the dirt 2.0 and f1 2018.

I know the Leonardo does it very well but I have personal restrictions that make me do it on uno.

I started by putting a potentiometer on the uno and coding a “software” in java that retrieves info on the serial port and puts it in a variable.

I then wanted to simulate the support of a key has a certain frequency. Frequency that is defined by the position of the potentiometer.

I thought it was going to turn the steering wheel like a light to which you can change the brightness by varying the ignition frequency.

But I realized that the game does not move the steering wheel despite the fact that the software simulates the pressing of a key .

So I’m wondering if there’s a way to simulate the trigger of a joystick or anything that could have the same effect as if you were turning a steering wheel.

Potentiomètre 10K
Arduino Uno
The dirt 3

sketch_apr13a.ino (272 Bytes)