Looking for a tiny GSM module for Arduino Micro or Spark Core

Dear all,

I am building a monitoring system in the middle of crop field and the measured datasets need to be transferred back to a server/hard drive at home.

I am looking for a very tiny GSM module that can fit inside a PCB tubbing. Are there anyone have recommendation for me? Have you seen any similar project before?

The module needs to be tiny to be connected with Arduino Micro or Spark Core and can be powered by AAA batteries.

Any comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Thanks a lot.


I would like to revive this old topic. Anyone knows or can recommend any small GSM module please?

The SARA modules below are about 16x26 mm and are being used by the upcoming Spark Electron:


Here's one which is much smaller, but I don't know about the feasibility for a DIY project:


One more:


One more compact one from SimCom: