Looking for a transmitter and receiver for this set-up

So the set-up looks like this.

On the left hand side would be a controller that is wired to a RF transmitter that sends out signals according to
the position of the joystick. The Receiver is connected to the arduino that accepts the signals and sends that signal to the arduino
itself which is then decoded and transformed into a matching output with the 4 motors attached.

I can only work with 1 arduino!

What items do you all think is best for this procedure?

The first thing to come to mind is a RC car. Many use the Realtek TX2/RX2 chips. They provide five digital signals named forward, backward, left, right, and turbo. Left and right can't be turned on at the same time. Forward and backward can't be turned on at the same time. Still, that would work fine for an 8-way joystick (forward+left, forward, forward+right, left, right, backward+left, backward, backward+right).