looking for a usb devce that...

really wasn't sure where to post this but,

i was wondering if there were wireless usb transeivers out there that basically acted as extension cables; so it'd be two male usb components. (preferrably usb nanos)

if they exist, anyone know what these are actually called?

Just Google "small wireless usb dongle".....

I don't think I've seen any with a mini/ micro connection, but you could just use an adapter if you need to go from standard USB to mini/ micro.

I have a few of them and they work great when connected to the computer. Haven't every tried anything with a micro-controller and one though; not even sure it would work.



This project https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1754284174/ardurf-wireless-arduino-done-right has a module called PC2SrduRF which seems to be what you are looking for. It plugs into USB and has a radio transceiver to send data to another PC. There’s another board in the list that has mini-USB connectors and a radio link.