Looking for advice and recommended parts

I have some experience with Arduino/RPi and have a large supply of standard components, but I am usually following tutorials and modifying them to my needs rather than starting from scratch. I am open to purchasing whatever hardware is needed to make this project work.

I need to build a wireless weather station that can be used to track wind speed and direction and report on their averages as well as the time of day the data was collected (rain/temp/humidity/etc are not really important, but a fully-functional weather station is not out of the question). It does not need to be internet-based as long as it can keep this data stored onboard and then accessed later when the device is collected. A long-lasting battery or solar panel will be necessary to leave the device in the field to gather data over multiple days/weeks.

My plan is to move it around to several potential paraglider/hang glider launch sites in an attempt to determine safe undiscovered places that can be used for this purpose. Having this data available to review will be significantly safer than just blindly hurling oneself off a mountainside on a windy day. There are also a few sites in my region that have been used by 1-2 pilots but never properly vetted or cleared. This project will help determine if those efforts will be worth it.

There are so many complete projects like this already done, it's easier to just search for them. What search terms did you use? I've probably seen hundreds of versions of this, none very different than what you ask.

To start simple.
A cheap rotating anemomerter and wind vane from ebay ir aliexpress.
An SD card to store data.

ESP or WiFi micro to get time from the internet or use an RTC

I have an ESP8266 with RTC and SD

Another choice is big batteries or sleep mode.

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