looking for advice on building midi channel selector with 16 outs

hello community! I've been feeling plagued with how many hardware instruments will only receive midi information on channel 1. - I'm very interested in making a Midi control box, and believe that a microprocessor could help me do the job. I happen to have 16 spare 16 position rotary knobs lying around, and would like to have a box with 1 midi input (that would be able to receive midi information, mostly notes), that is connected to 16 midi outs, where each out has it's own 16 position rotary knob where whichever channel is selected (let's say 7) is moved to track 1 of the specific output. The reason I believe this would be really helpful is that many instruments only receive on channel 1. So in a perfect situation one could have a hardware sequencer sending different midi information on 16 channels - running into the "midi control box" where then the 16 signals could be rerouted to a stack of midi controlled instruments, and adjusted in a live setting, such as having standalone channels for string synthesizers, or bass, and swapping what's triggering what. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

I know little about Midi, but it appears what you're looking for is a 16 chanel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer. See the datasheet for the 74HC4067.