looking for affordable IP camera

For an Arduino setup I'm working on I would like to connect an IP camera to a router so I can monitor the Arduino setup which is also connected to the router.
When I look for IP camera's I always find very expensive ones (more expensive than wifi camera's :astonished: )
Does anyone have a good address for reasonable priced IP camera's?
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So you want to have a camera pointed at the Arduino? Seems an odd thing to do.
Seems to be plenty on e-bay for like $35 & up.

Thanks for the feedback.
The link you send is to a wifi cam =(. But :smiley: ā€¦ I always forget to look at ebay. I found this one http://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/FCS-0010-Level-One-IP-camera-/140808901397?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_123&hash=item20c8dd5315
Which is great as it is tax included and free shipment for me.

For me it is not an odd thing to have a camera look at my Arduino, as Iā€™m working on remote Arduino control. So having a camera showing me that the led/engine/servo indeed followed the order given is a great added value. When I thrust the Arduino to do what I ask him I may turn the camera away from the Arduino to have some visual feedback on where the robot is.

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The link you send is to a wifi cam

Did you look at the specs. for the cam? That cam appears to have an ethernet RJ45 connector. Most network wifi cams have an ethernet interface at a minimum for the cam setup, which also can be used for network connections.

Thanks for the info. I wasn't ware that those wifi cams also had a Ethernet cable. The one crossroads mentioned has one.
It sounds weird to me that a wifi IP cam is cheaper than a IP cam without wifi. I guess it is all about mass production.
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The question is wether the inexpensive cams are any good. Some of the inexpensive cams may be knockoff clones of more expensive cams without tech support, updated drivers, and such.