looking for an application

Hello everyone,

I have a question related to applications.

I have an (several in fact) Arduino Uno and have played with it (them) since years.
I enjoy doing this. I started with the « blink » application.
I have learned many things, including low level programming with registers.

I worked mainly on two projects :

  1. A clock displaying the time, day and year + temperature + humidity on a 16 x 2 LCD screen. The hardware is inside a « vintage » box.
    Well it was fun. I have bought recently a TFT 3.2 inch screen which is much bigger than the LCD display.

  2. I have played a lot with the timers (low level, using the Atmega 328p datasheet) and a 12 bit Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) for musical apps. I have tabulated sinusoids (on the equally-tempered scale) and played midi-like pieces through the DAC and an amplifier.
    I have also used a micro SD card. Using the Serial Peripheral Interface, the program read the audio file (wav) on the card and play it using the DAC at a given sampling frequency (timer interrupt). It was also fun, and difficult though.

Now it happens that I do not have any new project!
The thing is that I am interested in the technical part and I find the Arduino really « genial ». I have spent a lot of time learning technical stuff, really. But if I don’t have any goal, it becomes pointless.

I have this feeling that the mainstream fields are educational applications, robot related applications and home automation ones.
I am not interested to these applications!
I don’t say that they are not interesting.

I am not aim criticizing all the projects that are proposed on the web.
Trust me I have googled « arduino application fun ». I have been in several FabLabs. But still haven’t found what I’m looking for…

Could anyone help me?

Ask your friends and family if they would like anything building.

Here is one that was requested the other week.

A device for inputting music and translating it into a list of Tone commands. A bit like the mythical music to MIDI but with commands for the Tone library.

Even if it dosn't work the results are likely to be interesting.

Hello everyone,
I finally found an answer to my question. On the site Lo-fi-Arduino-Guitar-Pedal is proposed the creation of a guitar pedal based on the Arduino Uno. The project looks nice.