Looking For An Expert (Boston MA) ~ Payed job/coloration

Im trying to build a head band that lights up when you jump. If this sounds like something you can make or is with in your grasp of building I need your help. like the tittle says ill pay for your time we can chat that over !!!

You want it light to light up when you are airborne? I would think a simple switch in your shoe would be sufficient, no arduino needed. Otherwise, you need to outline your requirement a little better.

Do you live in yo boston area? Can we skype? Or text? Im looking to build a "head band" and depending on how high you jump a certin patern of lights displays as well as if your heads tilting forwards and backwards and left and right a certin pattern of lights displays. It needs to be battery operated and possably hook up to blue tooth to change the coler patterns with a phone app.

Hi Vapors,

How do you plan to detect when a person is airborne?


Look up an accelerometer, like MPU6000 or MPU6050 to give you left-right tilt, back & forth tilt, and up & down info. Lot of code examples posted.