Looking for an hardware specialist to bring up an rfid device

Hi everybody. I'm a software developer.
I need a device for have on a usb (ftdi based) an rfid reader. I have found news about on an nxp component that can read 125 and mifare rfid tags.
Can someone design for me the card? I can pay.
I'm from Italy and I prefer a local hardware developer or a lot of patient (I haven't got a fluent english).

Hello Mr Debug :),

I am from France and so we are on the same time zone. I have designed and built several projects with RFID tagging for tracking and timekeeping systems.

I can help you with your project but I will need a bit more information about what it is you are trying to do.

Take a look at my website where you can see some of the other projects that I have developed and some that I am working on now. WWW.EmbeddedAT.com and if you feel that I am what you are looking for please send me an email to Peter@EmbeddedAT.com

Cheers Pete.