Looking for anyone willing to offer help and and provide guidance

Hi i have an Arduino Uno board and i wanted to create a project that could be locked and unlocked using a key like those used for unlocking cars so i purchased the keyfob and receiver shown in the picture which come already paired to one another

I have searched online to try and find links or example codes showing how similar arduino enthusiast were implementing a keyfob with their projects but found no tutorials or codes. How would i go about using a keyfob to arm my accelerometer alarm system and disarm arm the system when the keyfob is pressed

Thanks in advance

The picture is not here. A data sheet for the receiver would be much more useful than a picture.

Google is your best friend :). I searched google and found this it shows an example how you can decode some RF remotes, Should be easy enough to strip out the bits and place it into your own.
I tried it and it works.
It explains everything very well

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