Looking for Arduino board with inbuilt micro SD port


I am looking for Arduino board with inbuilt micro SD port. I need this for my research. I have a CO2 sensor with I2C/UART output and I want to interface this with arduino board with microSD to log the sensor data continuously.

Also I want to know that is there any Flash drive available where it has ability to read and write the data when we connect with arduino USB port so that we can avoid PC. Why i am asking this is I have 10 nos CO2 sensors and each one will be connect to arduino board, so practically speaking i can not have 10 PC's to read & write the sensor data.

Apart from above option if anyone has the better option to suggest for logging the 10 sensor's data, it is most welcome.

Looking for your help on high priority basis.

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Arduino with SD Cards, @CrossRoads is the best person who can help you. Check his boards Cross Roads Electronics

You can also use external EEPROM's like 24LC256. Have a look at it.

This '1284P based board offers SD card (microSD with adapter), battery backed real time clock, and optional screw terminals for connecting sensors, 32 IO less pins for SPI and 2 for I2C.

Steps here for adding '1284P into Arduino IDE for programming:

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@crossroads; Is 1284P inbuilt in arduino? is this readily available in market. How much does this cost/where can i find the cost of this whole board?

@Sarouje: I have looked into the EEPROM's 24LC256, However it has storage capacity of 32 KB which is very very less as i am looking to store the data continuously on regular basis. Is my understanding correct. If yes is there any other option available to meet my requirement.

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Also please let me know, are RFduino and Arduino same? if not could you please let me know the difference as well as let me also know that can I use RFduino for my application as mentioned above in my first post?

That board designed and sold by crossroads himself.

Regarding eeprom you can combine 4 or 8 of those but still its not worth for your requirement.

Another option could be use a SD card module, it cost less and use it with uno or nano.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I have one more question. Are arduino & rfduino same?

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This micro SD card adapter can't be beat. It got an onboard 3.3v regulator and a level shifter. And it's less than a dollar including free shipping.

What is the reason of having both flash drive and sd card?

It's not hard or expensive to get flash drive to work on a raspberry pi. But for arduino, you can't find a cable to connect arduino with a flash drive. You need a usb host shield and software.

If you have 10 sensors, how far apart are they? If they are close within meters/feet, you might be able to use one arduino if the sensors can be configured to use different I2C addresses. Even if they can't be configured to use different I2C addresses, you can use an I2C multiplexer to read them all with one arduino.