Looking for arduino boards or its clones

Hey ,

I am planning to buy a arduino board. I am also considering arduino clones too. My requirements are that the board should inbuilt communication modes like ethernet, WIFI and a SD card slot too. Also the board should have a decent amount of memory and the processor must be a a little more powerful than the UNO. The board must be capable of running a OS if possible !

I was looking at the YUN and DUE. The YUN has all the communication modes but runs on a low end porcessor. The DUE on the other hand runs on a ARM processor but has none of the communication modes. So now I am in a fix.

Please help me choosing a board

Thanks in advance !

Perhaps you could be much more specific.

Define: "A little more powerful" - how powerful? "a decent amount of memory" - how much memory? "capable of running an OS" - which os?

What are you trying to do with it?

It seems like you don't want an Arduino at all, but unless you tell use your application it is difficult to know for sure. Perhaps something like the pcDuino3 or Raspberry Pi might be more suitable.

OK , i will be a little more specific and here it goes..

Powerful - I do not intend to use the arduino board to intense tasks. Neither i want to use it for just switching a light ON/OFF. But somewhere in the middle. I intend to use the board to run a couple of tasks/application that enumerate multi-tasking. I want the board to multi-task and not just run a single infinte loop. By doing so , I want the board to be connencted in a network and control various other appliances. Essentially I am looking for something more powerful than the UNO and less powerful than the PI. Somewhere in the middle.

Memory - Since I want to be doing multi-tasking, memory is another factor that i need to look into. The onboard memory should be capable of running the program without any lag. An external memory might also come handy( a micro sd card interface).

OS - An OS if present will take care of all running pheriperals in the device. Hence i thought an OS will be wonderful.

Communication - Also since I am going to be using the arduino to communicate with other device, communication should not be a hassle. I dont want to buy shields or other add-ons for communication. It should be a good board for communicating right out of the box.

The above all features are present in the YUN. But the only problem is that the YUN has a not so powerful processor !!

You have described a Raspberry Pi.

Paul__B: You have described a Raspberry Pi.

Or BeagleBones Black.

--- bill

bperrybap: Or BeagleBon*e* Black.

Or Pcduino (if they are still in production, as the original manufacturer does not seem to be selling them any more and the reseller prices on eBay are quite absurd), or various other boards with which I am not familiar and didn't want to complicate my original comment. :D

Yes something similar like the PI , but the arduino flavour still in it. By arduino flavour i mean - easy to program , easy to interface the digital I/O and easy to connect sensors and prototype.