Looking for Arduino coder for 2 bipolar motor accel/decel control

I need to control 2 bipolar motors such that they accel/decel smoothly using a non linear rate, ie S-curve. I want each motor to do the following, independent from the other:

  1. Accelerate from 0 to (x) number of steps/second over (y) number of steps
  2. Maintain constant speed of (x) steps/second for (z) number of steps
  3. Decelerate from constant speed (x) steps/sec to a slower constant speed of (m) steps/sec over (n) number of steps
  4. Maintain constant speed of (m) steps/sec for (o) number of steps
  5. Accelerate from (m) steps/sec to (p) number of steps/sec over (q) number of steps
  6. Decelerate to 0 over (r) number of steps

The user specified values are in ()

I have used the AccelStepper library to do the above with some success with a single motor, but I am now having trouble with doing the same for 2 motors.

Anyone interested in writing the code for me? If so, I look forward to hearing from you!

Tom Boardman