Looking for Arduino compatible Mp3 modules w/ onboard flash

I’m looking for an inexpensive mp3 module (<$25 in quantity) with decent quality audio that has built in flash so it can be programmed with a particular set of tracks and then controlled via an Arduino.

Barring that, suggestions for one with an SD card would also be appreciated. I’ve seen the ones from Sparkfun, Adafruit, Gravitech, and the ones you can get direct from VLSI. I’ve also seen those tiny WT588D modules on ebay, but the audio quality on them is poor. If there are any others out there please let me know.

Module does not need to be able to seamlessly loop or transition between tracks, I’d asked about one one like that before but this is for a different application where I just want to sync some music with a light show. I’d prefer built in flash because the music does not need to be able to be changed by the end user, and that removes the cost of the SD card from the equation.

I guess what I really want is a module with a built in usb connector and onboard flash, using one of those VLSI chips. Then I just upload the music with the usb and control it with the Arduino.

Try these.
Not for reflashing, but easy to control.