looking for arduino uno full manual for beginners

Hello everyone.

I am going to get an Arduino board and i wish to start coding with it.

It looks like i may be asking for an Arduino One since i think i understand that this is the model where the microcontroller can be pulled and replaced by another. i had install the IDE on my computer and because i have little experience with this platform, i would like to ask if is it available some sort of manual that may contain all the required details to get the best of this tool. Please tell me if Arduino one would be my wrong choice.

Arduino One? You mean UNO, isn't it?

The UNO is pretty good start and everything what you need is here on this web.

Welcome to the forum!

Start by just playing with the examples in the IDE and go from there .
A genuine UNO is a good place to start .

I started with the book Arduino Workshop.
I like holding a physical book.

Besides having an Arduino Uno, you'll need to eventually want to start building circuits.