Looking for Arudino contractor - battery powered temperature over time sensor

Hello -
I posted this yesterday but seems like the forum gobbled it. I had assumed the post was under moderation but alas I think it was gobbled.

I am looking for a contractor to build an Arduino that does the following:

  • Battery powered (~1 to 3 hours?)
  • Has 3x cabled temperature sensors
  • Has a switch to toggle temperature recording
  • Stores temperature of the sensors every 30 seconds in a CSV
  • Said CSV can be extracted from arduino somehow

This is for a garment project and I need to test the insulation of the garment over specific physical activities.

I am a Product Manager by trade so hopefully can provide a very workable specification for this project.

This should definitely be doable. Most temperature sensors consume almost no current, and arduinos aren’t very power-hungry either. Do you have a particular type of temperature sensor, arduino-compatible board, and/or battery that you were thinking of using?

I could do this for you, what's the required accuracy of the temperature?
How fast would you need to have it realised?