looking for Atmega 1284 SMD Breakout Board


I saw a stamp sized SMD breakout board with an Atmega1284 SMD on it a while ago on the Internet, but can't for the life of me find a link to it again.

It was square shaped and really just the size of a stamp, which would make it perfect for my CarDuino project, and it had ten pin holes on each of the four sides.

Do you guys know where I can get a breakout board like that?



Crossroads has a 1284 logger coming down the pipe.


1284 with uSD 5V board crystal top.png


Does he not have the basic breakout boards for 1284p in tqfp-44 anymore? I bought some from him a while back...

Hey Bob, do you still have these?


Yes I do.
Been working on 2560 MegaDip today, cleaning up solder shorts from my apparently poor paste application.
Plan to finish 6 up, then work on some 1284 Loggers next.
Can assemble some 1284 Minis after that.

Ice hockey championship game tomorrow night, we're going in as defending champs!