Looking for black 4 conductor wire and connectors

Have you guys seen black 4 conductor wire, around 18-20 awg? I’ve seen plenty of gray and blue wire.

Also I would be looking for waterproof connectorsthat are fairly small to go with that. Any ideas?

So your looking for typical phone wire. Why does it have to be black? You could always spray paint it. You could also be more specific about the type of connectors you need. There are literally a million different type of connectors out there.

Here are a few option with 4 conductor 20 awg wire with black jacket.

What’s the ultimate application? You say you need “waterproof” connectors, but to what depth (if any)? Is this for an outdoor installation of some sort, or is it for an underwater application?

I am wiring something to my motorcycle. If the jacket is already black then I don’t have to worry about painting or dieing the wire with something that can take the weather abuse.

As for the connector I am trying to find something that is rugged and weather proof but not huge. The typical automotive 4 pin connector is too big (partly because it is designed for larger gauge wire).

I’ve looked through mouser for connectors. I think they only have two choices for 4 pin connectors that are waterproof. However, I am not sure if they can handle the gauge of wire.

The thing with mouser is understanding where to look and what you are looking at.
I think A/B will work. But do I have to purchase 4 contacts per plug?

cr0sh, see above. Also I can seal a plug with silicon if I have to. I am just trying to find something appropriate.

I will be wiring some extra equipment to my motorcycle. The wire and quite possibly the connectors will be exposed to the element - but not under water.

“the elements” suck… VERY invasive.

You can get pre-made cat5/etc ethernet cables in a wide variety of colors (and often cheaper than you could buy bare wire of similar length), but that’s usually 8 conductors of 24 to 22g wire. I don’t know if it would work if you doubled up the conductors…

The Molex connectors used for ATX power supplies are available in a 4-pin version. They’re finer pitch than hard drive power connectors and waterproof trailer connectors, and dual-row, so they’re significantly smaller.

If you’re not dis- and re-connecting frequently, you’d probably find it sufficient to use those, and seal 'em up with electrical tape.