Looking for Bluetooth master audio module

I have searched google and various sites, but really I am not sure what to look for, so I will describe what I want to be able to do.

in my motorcycle helmet, I have a Bluetooth headset. (Cardo Scala Rider G9x) it functions like a regular Bluetooth headset, plus a few other features. but anyway, I have a CB radio that I would like to run through Bluetooth to my headset. I already have a push-to-talk switch on the handlebar, so really I just have to figure out how to route the audio to and from the CB via Bluetooth. a side option would be to route FM radio to the headset when the CB is not in use.

now, I also have existing handlebar controls for the bike FM radio to mute and change the frequency. I would like to have it so I can change CB channels when the CB is in use.

Most of what I want to do is easy to figure out, but I just can't seem to find the Bluetooth module. I have found audio modules that function as the headset side, but not the master side. has anybody run across a module such as that?

Keep in mind, this is a 1988 bike, so I am not particularly worried about voiding the warrantee. and there is room in the fairing for the electronics.

Thanks I advance for any help. ~Travis

Bluetooth is for digital data transmission. An analog signal has to be digitized, into a data stream that is understood by the headset. You can try to send various audio files, e.g. MP3, WAV, to find out what's understood by the headset.

There's several modules that are designed to work with audio. Have a look at the BC127, WT32i and RN52.

You can get ready assembled audio breakout/evaluation boards that will be a good starting point.


Just registered to ask if you had any luck with BC127? I'm facing the exact same problem (I want to use a walkietalkie with HFP as a master), and I'm finding it difficult to figure out which module can definitely do it.

any luck? update?

Hi, I am also interested in making exactly same thing, since we are preparing for long trip with group of motorcyclists, and we already have simple motorola radios and bluetooth headsets. Now we have to hook it up somehow :)

Looks like those modules are not capable to run as masters, also looking through specification of RN52 and BC127, I was not able to find any way to enable it as a master. This is needed becaue headset runs as a slave only.

So it looks to me as dead end.

Anyone had any luck with this?

I managed to find this module which claims to be capable of working in Audio Gateway mode, however specification is hard to understand. http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1675095.pdf ARF32 Bluetooth® Audio Module

Regards to all, And I want to make one project where I need a Bluetooth audio module that I can work in master mode. In search of the team, I found two models that are able to do this: Adeunis ARF32 and Microchip RN52SRC. Unfortunately, ARF32 can not be purchased anywhere. RN52SRC costs about $ 20. To be sure, the RN52SRC is a module that works in MASTER mode. A plain RN52 is a module that works in SLAVE mode. It is possible to have the RN52 firmware upgrade in the RN52SRC. I noticed that I have not worked with the RN52SRC yet, but as far as I understand what I read about it, it should be what it is for me, and I hope you need it too.