Looking for Bluetooth Module


I am just looking for a bluetooth module for my project. I dont want an Arduino shield, but a module which I would plug into a custom PCB, or solder directly to it etc. (Similar to a WIZ812MJ type module)

It needs to be compatible with an Arduino (not using an arduino board, but a custom board with a 1284P on it). It can either communicate over UART, SPI or even I2C. It needs to be able to have an external aerial connect to it, rather than a built in one only.

I am trauling the forum looking but havent found one yet. Anyone know of anything?

Cheers James

Just came across this, which is class 2:


or this which is class 1:


class1/2, what's the difference? Is it just the range?


As far as I am aware, yes - well more so the power output which in turn means range I suppose. I think some countries have restrictions on class for certain devices, so you can only have a certain power output for device type XYZ.