Looking for board recommendation

I am looking for recommendations on which type of board and shield to get for a specific project.

This project involves real time DSP along with running an Artificial Neural Network using the forward-feed and back-propagation algorithms. Essentially, what is being done is

  • Collecting an audio sample at ideally 44 KHz, 12- bit resolution
  • Using DSP techniques to filter that audio and get rid of noise
  • Using DSP techniques involving heavy mathematical operations to extract features from that audio sample including pitch, MFCC, and others
  • Feeding those features to an ANN [for this, the weights of the ANN can be exported from somewhere else, say MATLAB, and the board doesn't necessarily have to run the ANN training]
  • Giving a bunch of outputs going to an LCD screen

So far we have done this project on a simple level on an arduino-101. However, the flash memory and RAM memory, as well as the processors of arduinos are quite limited. I would like a board that can perform most of the feature extraction computations with no problems, and then have a running ANN on it in parallel. For the actual audio collection and sampling, I was thinking I could use a shield, something similar to this Audio Hacker: Arduino shield for realtime audio processing

but if you guys have a recommendation of a board that could do ALL of the above steps effectively, including the audio sampling at 44 KHz with 12-bit resolution (something with a very high frequency processor?), that would be even better. Thanks guys!

Teensy 3.x as an extensive audio-processing library. Teensy Audio Library, high quality sound processing in Arduino sketches on Teensy 3.1
(That's more of a "proof of concept" than a suggestion that you use it. The standard AVR Arduinos are not suitable for that sort of application. Not fast enough, not enough memory, not enough A2D bits.)