Looking for boards dimensions

I am working on a project with dimension and space restraints. A lot of boards, especially the ones I am looking at, don't have the dimensions posted. Can someone point me to where I can find the info. I am mainly interested in EZboard Home Automation. Thanks,

I assume that you mean Arduino boards and that you have Googled for arduino board dimensions ?

I did that but I only got about 731,000 results

The design files for all the official Arduino boards are provided on the product pages of the Arduino site.

For example, if you look at the Uno page, there is a link to the EAGLE design files for the PCB.

Some manufacturers such as Adafruit, and SparkFun also share their design files.

If you have the EAGLE software (available free of charge to non-commercial users) , then you can use these files to get any dimensions that you need.

If the PCB is not from such a friendly source, then you may be able to use a photograph of the board to estimate the dimensions.

Obtain the best quality photograph of the board as you can, from say the manufacturers website, and then look for a component whose size is known, for example many connectors and dual in line ICs have a 0.1" pitch.

Using a photo editing software package, you can zoom in or out, and manipulate the image until you obtain a full size picture of the board. You can then measure the dimensions that you are interested in. If it is more convenient the you can adjust the size to be 2X, or 5X actual size , and adjust the scaling accordingly

EZboard was designed to be, as much as possible, compatible with Arduino™, but at the same time capable of offering more functions and lower power consumption. The result is a development board that is only 9mm (0.35") longer than an original Arduino™ UNO, adopting the same footprint but offering additional functions.

There is the answer that you are looking for.