Looking For Coder/Help

I am looking for help from an arduino programmer to complete a timed voltage controller. That is, I have an exercise bike that has an electromagnet to control resistance. I would like to be able to, based on input to the arduino from my iPhone over a wifi/wired network (possibly through a web page hosted on arduino), run one of seven timer based programs on the arduino to provide controlled resistance via voltage regulation to the electromagnet.

For example:

first 30 seconds - 7.5 volts 31-60 - 9.0 volts 61-90 - 10.5 volts

and so on.. Followed by a cool down program of, for example, a drop of .2 volts every second. If possible, I would like to do this via pulse with modulation.

Finally, I would like an output of the voltage to be graphed/output to processing or some similar application, preferably the web page (although I am not sure if that part is outside the capabilities of arduino).

I am also open to running this through raspberry pi if that is a more sensible platform.

carnesik: I am looking for help from an arduino programmer to complete a timed voltage controller.

This part of the forum is really just intended to provide comments and suggestions to help you overcome problems while you complete the project yourself.

If you want somebody to collaborate with you or complete the project for you, you would be better off posting in the Gigs & Collaborations section. Note that most people would expect to be paid for working for you.

Are the specifications for the interface to the electromagnet available? Why do you say pulse width modulation “if possible”? Is that just a personal preference, or is that the specified interface to the electromagnet? PWM is not the same as applying a variable voltage, it may or may not work depending on what the device being controlled is expecting, but of course PWM is, in general, possible. Just curious.